1L Serene Flat Emulsion (Pure White)

1L Serene Flat Emulsion (Pure White)

Serene Flat Emulsion is an economical easy to use, water-base acrylic white flat emulsion topcoat modified with opaque polymers and filler. For that smooth and great wall finish.


Paint Condition :

Colour : White ( Can Customize / Mix )
Gloss : Matt

Drying Time:

- Touch Dry: 20-30 minutes 

- Recoat Time : 2-3 hours

Clean Up : Tap Water

Performance Benefits:

- Non-toxic, fast drying

- Good scrub resistance 

- Can be tinted

- Recommended for wall and ceilings

- Suitable for wooden surfaces, previously painted fibre,cement, concrete surfaces.



Method : Brush or Roller

Coverage : 8-10 sq.m. per litre (Depends on surface porosity and application method)

Reduction : Up to 20% by volume with water (This may affect the hiding strength)

Number of coats : 1-2 full coats

Recommended Dry Film : 35-45 microns

Recommended Dry Film : 110-145 microns

Shelf Life : 2 years


Direction For Use: 

- Use personal care gloves and eye goggle

- All equipment (spray gun etc) should be washed clean immediately after use

- Avoid material from freezing 

- Avoid breathing vapor and spray mist. Use adequate ventilation 


Surface Preparation :

For Wood Substrates

Ensure substrate is free from loose dirt, dust, grease , oil, wax, must be firm, free from mildew and other foreign matter.


For Mineral Substrates 

Remove uncurled plaster, cement, mood, release agent and other foreign matter. 

Prime with AQUACOLY WALL SEALER or with other recommended undercoat.


For Previously Painted Substrates 

Completely remove old loose paint before application. Spot prime with AQUACOLY WALL SEALER if necessary.